Not a single pan or utensil to be washed! Great for feeding an army and you can make ahead. #breakfast #brunch #bread_bowl #baked #eggs

Perfect for feeding the masses and one can make them ahead; eat it with you hands and not a single dish or pan or utensil to be washed.

These bread rolls are baked wrapped in foil. The only kitchen equipment you’ll use is a knife to cut the top off the rolls.

  • Cut the top of the roll off and scoop out the middle to create a hollow.
  • Line the hollow with bacon. Make sure the bread bowls are properly lined with bacon (free range please) to stop the egg from leaking through the bread. 
  • Crack an egg (free range) and pour into hollow.
  • Top with grated Cheddar cheese or Mozzarella - I refer Mozzarella.
  • Put the top back on and wrap with foil, then leave them in the fridge until you need them. 
  • Pop them in the oven ... et voila!
A great way to use stale or not-so-fresh bread rolls. It’s also great for on the go!  Great food for camping trips - Just place them on the edge of the fire near (not on) hot coals. The foil traps the heat well and it will cook in no time!
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