Thai Coconut Chicken Curry

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1 can coconut milk

1 whole roast chicken deboned

Basmati rice, to serve

1 packet or bunch fresh coriander

2 tsp Durban Curry or Chicken Masala

stalk of lemongrass, chopped

3 cloves garlic

5 cm piece ginger, peeled and grated

1 tsp ground corriander seeds

sprinkle cinnamon

1 cup double cream yoghurt (optional)

5ml turmeric

Sprinkle black pepper and salt to taste

1/2 lemon juice and rind

1 tin chopped tomato

Combine all spices and lightly fry to bring out flavour. Add tinned tomato and mix well. Add ready roasted chicken meat and coat. Add rest except for coconut milt and half the chopped corriander. Cook on low heat for 30 mins. Add coconut milk and rest of corriander,stir and switch stove off. 

For best results let it stand overnight. Never boil once coconut milk is added.
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